Network of gas stations "AVIA"
One of the largest network in Europe. Which has been developing steadily since 1927 and is the best combination of experience and innovation.
Partner program
AVIA is a reliable partner for thousands of independent businesses . Our collaboration has created a community of companies, united by a concept of success and development. Together with you, we create a new story of strong and persistent people
Products of the company
The AVIA brand is a team of professionals. We offer our customers the highest quality products to the list of services and products of the company include: Network of filling stations, Supply of petroleum products, Supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Network of roadside cafes Esenco

“AVIA” is a world-famous company, one of the largest network of gas stations in Europe, a modern industrial cluster in the energy industry with developed logistics infrastructure, advanced technologies and the most profitable partnership program.

Becoming our partner you will get all the benefits of a large international company, remaining an independent and self-sufficient entrepreneur.

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The brand of AVIA

The brand “AVIA” has the largest partner network of gas stations in Europe. We aim to bring together businessman from all over Europe and move together to world leadership by building our network around the world. For over 90 years, we have provided our customers with the best service and only high quality products. We work as a family of keen families, supporting one another, teaching each other and, thanks to that, we win!


oil and gas stations and complexes "AVIA" in the territory of Europe

2000 +

partners in Europe

90 +

years of successful business in EU

Number of filling stations by country

Unimot company

UNIMOT S.A. is a group of companies – the world leaders in distribution of natural gas, liquid gas and electricity to business clients and development of the network of gas stations “AVIA”. In our Group, Blue Cold company is engaged in the distribution of natural gas and the development of gas infrastructure, including the transmission network, liquefied natural gas and LNG processing plant, Tankuj24 company focuses on retail fuel sales.

In our structure there are also 2 foreign companies UNIMOT Ukraine LCC – registered in Kiev, which is responsible for the development of the AVIA network in Ukraine and UNIMOT Asia LLC, located in Shanghai, which is engaged in the sale of petroleum products under the brand AVIA in the Chinese market.

111 000

billion dollars of implemented goods and services


annual network growth


countries of the world

Services AVIA

Petrol stations








Partnership - Franchise

Franchise is a form of association of owners in a large team with the ability to use the infrastructure, promotion of the brand and work in team of professionals, minimizing risks, moving directly to a high level immediately after opening.Franchising provides many opportunities for network development.

The world’s largest companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, and Radisson Blue, have been using franchising for decades.Without franchising today, they would not become global networks that create standards in entire industries. For example, more than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants have a franchise.

Franchising, as a system, has provided itself as a way to quickly promote your business. According to objective statistic, using this system of cooperation allows you: to overcome the most difficult first years company’s formation and continue to work with high profits, protect your money and nerves in creating your own brand, compensate for the lack of resources for full competition with large networks.

For comparison: most of the newly created small companies in the service sector do not survive even up to 2 years. That is why our company has focused on constructing, first of all, an affiliate network through the development of effective franchising.We invite you to become part of the team of super – professionals!

Working with franchise is:

Work in a large team

Reliable supplies

Prestigious trademark

Marketing complex

Vocational training and recruitment

IT support

Increased profits

Risk minimization

Franchise in practice


We invite you to become part of the world-famous AVIA brand and get a complete mechanism for launching a successful business or upgrading an existing one.

Before Before
After After rebranding

What do you get as a partner from the AVIA brand?

Feedback from our partners

We have many years of experience working with partners all over the Europe. For today, we managed to create a team of successful people who became part of us. Many of us have built a family business and, instead of problems and painful experiences, they just enjoy their work! Our partners are happy to leave feedback about us and actively participate in our public activities.

We will be glad to accept new members in our community!